I’m a principal developer with over 14 years commercial experience. I primarily work with TypeScript, Node.js and MongoDB implementing GraphQL and REST APIs.

I contribute to a number of open source projects and i’m active within various online communities. My main focus is working within autonomous teams conforming to Agile practices, during development I utilise the SOLID principles and follow the Test-driven Development process and aim for 100% test coverage.

I have a keen interest in Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data and separating business logic into microservices following the Domain-driven Design concepts. I’m having a lot of fun in my current role, working with a vast amount of AWS services and building interesting solutions. One of the things i’m particularly enjoying is Machine Learning and visualising relationships between data.


Below are some of the main things I work with or have worked with extensively.

  • Arch Linux, Debian/Ubuntu, BSD/MacOS, Docker
  • Nginx, Apache, AWS ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda
  • Node, TypeScript, Rust
  • React, Redux
  • LogStash/Kibana, AWS CloudWatch
  • Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, Severless
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, AWS DynamoDB, ElasticSearch
  • Redis, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, RabbitMQ, NSQ

Hobbies and Interests

When i’m not programming or expermienting with new technologies.

  • I enjoy walking, travelling and experiencing different cultures – I have a particular interest in Japanese culture.
  • I watch a lot of seasonal anime
  • I have a pet Hedgehog named Jeremy
  • I love gaming and have considered streaming occasionally just for fun
  • I enjoy participating within Role-Playing communities